In UrbanSP we offer IoT devices and gateway provisioning, configuration, operation, and management via our Standard Base Urban Data Platform
PROVIDE devices (sensors)
EXTRACT collect data from the sensors
We have a CONTROL center that provides management and security
DELIVER seamless assimilation of data to different use cases such as:


Community: Those who personally and professionally benefit from data optimization and analysis.

Analytics: Take data from devices, convert it into patterns of various configurations, and perform automated tasks or providing information.

Applications: Manage the protocols, limitations, and scopes of each device to allow interaction.

Infrastructure: Required topology of access, distribution, storage, and security.

Protocols: A set of data packet transmission standards 6LowPan, LoraWan, WinSun, ZigBee, 5G

Sensors: Devices that collect data from the environment: humidity, temperature, position, and movement.


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